Pastry shop Aroma (Italy)

Sustainable brand identity for a pastry shop

Project — Sustainable brand

Sector — Local store

What to solve

Sustainably redesign the brand identity, packaging and retail design of Aroma confectionery.

How we solved

New coordinated image for the Aroma pastry shop, translating stylistic and sustainability elements into the brand, packaging and retail design.

Related UN Sustainable Goal

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Bringing sustainability to pastry shops

Aroma is a confectioner’s shop that innovated the Veronese pastry shop scene with an American approach to pastry, based on extreme customisation and creative cake presentation.

HENRY & CO. redesigned every touch-point with the customer to convey all of Aroma’s passion and style with a focus on sustainability.

Aroma brand identity
Aroma brand identity

Brand identity minimizing the environmental impact

HENRY & CO. developed a brand identity that sums up and fully represents Aroma’s refined, original and sophisticated identity.

The sustainable intervention took the form of a study to minimise the ink used in printing while maintaining a high impact and visibility.

The team also developed the packaging with FSC paper.

Aroma packaging design
Aroma visual design

Retail design based on the modularity

The geometric network that characterised the packaging design was translated into the main and characterising elements of the venue: metal structures take up the geometric pattern and transform it into functional shelves and distinctive aesthetic features.

The furniture was designed respecting the principles of modularity to reuse and rearrange the same elements in the future.

Materials from responsibly managed supply chains were also selected reusing previously used materials wherever possible to optimise the use of new raw materials.

Aroma retail design
Logo henry and co