Meet the eco design agency HENRY & CO.

Environmentally conscious designers and consultants

Our experience in design comes from years of in-depth studies and long-lasting working experiences. Our nature is… nature.

HENRY & CO. is what you’re looking for to make your business greener. We are an eco design and communication company focused on sustainability and circular economy.

Henry and co. studio

Meet the team

HENRY & CO. is a mix of professional figures coming from authoritative industrial design and communication backgrounds. Our common goal is to help the world by designing meaningful projects that have a positive impact on the environment while guaranteeing business success.


Experience in industrial design

Since 2013 our design has helped companies to achieve green results in Europe, USA and the Middle East

environment minded

Environmentally minded

We apply the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the principles of the circular economy

assigned professional

Assigned professionals

We form skill-oriented teams based on your project, with industrial design, digital, and environment specialists

Circular design thinking meeting

Our working method

Circular design thinking to solve your problems

Circular Design Thinking is a strategic design method used in industrial design that drives new opportunities in the circular economy and generates eco-sustainable results.

Company goals meet social, natural and economic interests: the results are sustainable impact and value for the stakeholders.

We developed Circular Design Thinking to help companies match ethical and economic needs to generate virtuous and eco-friendly innovations, compliant with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Circular Design Thinking is about sharing: key roles of the companies are involved in the activities since the beginning of the design process, facilitating the achievement of unique and resilient solutions.