Lineabeta (Italy)

Sustainable bathroom furnishings

Project — Sustainable product design

Sector — Furniture

What to solve

Helping one of the most famous and renowned brands in the bathroom furnishing world to design more eco-friendly products.

How we solved

Product design of two bathroom pieces of furnishing, based on ecodesign logics.

Related UN Sustainable Goal

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Nutritional wellness accessible to all with a new eco friendly food packaging

One of HENRY & CO.’s furniture design interventions involved ‘Careto’ (‘trolley’ in Venetian dialect), a bathroom trolley made according to ecodesign logics.

The structure consists of four identical aluminium modules cut and folded, while the shelves are made of simple bamboo boards, one of the world’s most vigorous natural materials.

HENRY & CO. designed Careto to be easy to produce, assemble/disassemble and recycle.

Careto by Lineabeta
Careto by Lineabeta

Shower furnishings eco design made just of aluminium

The idea for Regolo arose from the observation of user behaviour in the bathroom area: although many male users were accustomed to shaving their beards in the shower, no product on the market seemed to respond to this need – the idea of incorporating a height-adjustable mirror.

HENRY & CO. designed the piece according to the logic of eco design: Regolo is made from a single piece of cut and bent aluminium.

Regolo by Lineabeta
Regolo by Lineabeta
Regolo by Lineabeta
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