Design projects in San Francisco? Choose a green agency.

San Francisco is on its way to becoming the greenest big city in the United States. The City is turning clean technology into a major economic engine while simultaneously helping with everyday operational choices that reduce your business’ impact on the environment and lower operating costs.

We are HENRY & CO. the sustainable design agency with an Italian heart and a Green soul. We drive San Francisco-based companies in the circular economy era. We are looking for you!

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Product design

Life cycle design, innovative materials, resource recovery: green industrial design is comprehensive. We help you get it.

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Packaging design

Eco-friendly materials, optimized design, measured impacts: we follow all the steps to leave your mark without impact.​

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Brand design

We generate, renovate and develop responsible brand identities, with a broad eco vision approach.​

HENRY & CO. Sustainable Creativity - We make LA meet Italy

We operate on an international scene. That is why our work is high-level: we adapt the most advanced and up-to-date methods and resources to design brands, products and packaging in the era of sustainability.

Eco packaging design example

1. What are the advantages to be a sustainable company?

Sustainability is not just a roof covered with photovoltaic panels. It’s a brand new business model, a winning strategy for both the good of the planet and an ensured economic, competitive and reputational advantage:

customer loyalty on shared values, in line with the environmental issues

competitive long-term advantage

process optimization, waste (and costs) reduction

improved reputation and trust from stakeholders.

2. Is there any funding for ecodesign in San Francisco?

San Francisco began its journey to circular economy to become waste free in 2002. In San Francisco, there are numerous initiatives to support sustainability and incentivise businesses to embark on a path of development and circular economy.

In order to achieve their sustainability goals, San Francisco companies need to rely on an eco-design studio that is able to truly integrate circularity into its projects through LCA analysis and the application of Circular Design Thinking. A great example of circular and sustainable design, often used in a clever way to reuse waste.

An essential role is played by green product design, which makes it possible to market products derived from recycled materials with a low energy and environmental impact. In this way, companies will adhere to a long-range circular transition model that is also economically sustainable, securing the future of their business.

Golden Gate - A green view of San Francisco
Rocking Horse by Henry and Co

3. Why a company in San Francisco should choose an Italian agency to design green products?

Italian design can find out unexpected solutions thanks to the cultural tradition, creativity, design innovation, and international openness.

It’s an impressive strenghts in a world that needs solutions to break down the human impacts. It’s tradition focusing on innovation.

We HENRY & CO. have followed this road, as our successful reputation and portfolio confirm.

We also offer our unique Italian aesthetic and style, and a worldwide network of sustainable business opportunities.

4. What are the keys of HENRY & CO.'s work?

1) The mix of professionals from authoritative backgrounds in industrial design and communication: designers, UX specialists, packaging designers ready to support your company in London with the best work tailor-made for you.

2) The Circular Design Thinking method: a strategic design methodology aimed at identifying new opportunities for circularity and create sustainable results.

3) The Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs: a series of 17 interconnected goals defined by the United Nations as a strategy “to achieve a better and more sustainable future and more sustainable future for all”.

17 UN SDGs
San Francisco city and water bay

5. What impact does sustainability have on American consumers?

Consumers have already begun to change their behaviour accordingly, showing interest and a strong response.

57% of consumers surveyed have made significant lifestyle changes to reduce their environmental impact, and more than 60% said they do what they can to recycle and purchase products with environmentally friendly packaging.

HENRY & CO. THE ECODESIGN AGENCY – We are an Italian team that works in London, even if we’re not in London. We are everywhere: we are in the heart of the project, in its essence and philosophy. London is one of our heart cities, because we are sure it hosts the eco-customers we are looking for. We are ready to support your company in London with the best work tailor-made for you.

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