Osram (Germany)

Lighting fixture with smallest number of elements

Project — Sustainable product design

Sector — High-tech photonics

Year — 2022

What to solve

To develop a museum lighting fixture with the lowest number of elements and workmanship.

How we solved

Design of a small museum lighting fixture.

Related UN Sustainable Goal

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

An example of product design: Artlighting Osram spotlights for museum lighting

Artlighting OSRAM approached HENRY & CO. to design a new energy-efficient museum lighting system.

Among the design requirements, the spotlight had to be extremely small and have a limited number of components to facilitate low-cost production.

Artlighting Osram
Artlighting Osram
Artlighting Osram

A compact, efficient, lightweight and economical lighting system

HENRY & CO., according to eco design philosophy, developed a low-voltage track-mounted lighting system with a directional light source only 5 cm high and 4 cm in diameter. The team implemented the light source with a single cob LED.

The biggest design challenge was light dissipation. The team achieved the solution by integrating the dissipation system into the spotlight body itself.

The result is a compact, efficient, lightweight and economical museum lighting system with only four original components.

Artlighting Osram
Artlighting Osram
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