Klinmak (Italy)

Cleaning machines with reduced electricity and water consumption

Project — Sustainable product design

Sector — Professional cleaning

What to solve

Restyling with a lesser impact the Trion product family of Klinmak.

How we solved

Complete design of the Trion product family with a focus on eco-design, sustainability and user experience.

Related UN Sustainable Goal

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

A lesser consumption: the green evolution of cleaning machines

The new design of the Trion floor cleaning machine saw changes that profoundly influenced the aesthetic/functional character of the machine.

In synergy with the ecodesign logic, the machine has seen a reduction in the number of components and a design optimised for easy assembly and disassembly, positively influencing costs and limiting breakage hazards.

Filtering technologies have been introduced to filter the machine’s output emissions, as well as a new lithium battery pack, reducing electricity and water consumption and exponentially increasing efficiency.

Klinmak Trion 2040
Klinmak Trion 2040
Klinmak Trion 4050

How we reused components for a new user-friendly product

Thanks to the care and foresight with which the Trion series was designed, it was possible to expand the scrubber-drier family with minimal investment.

With the new Trion Mini, it was possible to expand the range of scrubber dryers by reusing around 80% of the components used by its bigger sisters.

HENRY & CO. paid particular attention to the user experience. The result is a command dictated by an entirely natural gesture. The team placed the interfaces for the machine’s options and modes in the centre of the handlebar, designed to be easily implemented with touch screen monitors.

Klinmak Trion mini
Klinmak UX/UI
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