Sirca D’Aqua (Italy)

Art direction for a DIY water-based paint brand

Project — Sustainable brand

Sector — Painting

What to solve

Taking care of the art direction for the DIY water-based paint brand D’Aqua.

How we solved

Art direction, website, photos, blog, marketing and communication, social media.

Related UN Sustainable Goal

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

SEO and user-friendly website and blog

HENRY & CO. designed the site for the new D’Aqua brand paying particular attention to usability and user interaction.

D’Aqua provides a line of strictly water-based products suitable for wood and metal.

We created a familiar and highly navigable website, suitable even for the less experienced user thanks to simple information and interface.

In keeping with the site’s SEO positioning strategy, HENRY & CO. team created an informative blog full of tutorials, instructions, tips and more. We were responsible for drawing up an editorial plan, creating content and taking photographs in the field. HENRY & CO. also followed the company’s communication in its social media.

Website D'aqua Sirca
Blog D'aqua Sirca
Social D'aqua Sirca

A 360° art directon merged in marketing activities

To enrich D’Aqua’s brand identity, HENRY & CO. took care of the art direction by creating an ad hoc photo shoot. The result is a representative shot projecting the D’Aqua cans in a familiar context.

HENRY & CO. made original photo documentaries to enrich the tutorials on the blog with real and tested product user experiences.

Art direction D'Aqua Sirca
Marketing D'Aqua Sirca
Marketing D'Aqua Sirca
Marketing D'Aqua Sirca
Marketing D'Aqua Sirca
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